This is the Easiest System for the average homeowner to
Install Themselves!

If you have any technical questions or need any help whatsoever, please call Billy or Ray at 870-895-3104 or Ben at 828-683-0025.

Installing an outdoor wood furnace can be broken down simply.

However, we have a 49 page manual to explain and show every detail, so you can do it yourself, like over 80% of our customers!

  1. Pour a 4″ concrete pad (best option) or place cinder blocks partially buried, to support the furnace. It weighs 1600 lb. It will only take ½ yard of concrete for a 4′x10′ pad (approx 4″ thick). This gives you a nice place to stand and load wood.
  2. Dig a trench below the frost line  (the maximum depth to which frost normally penetrates the soil during the winter), with a small backhoe (can be rented), to prevent excessive heat loss and freezing. The ground stays at a nice 45-55 degrees below this point. This depth varies from area to area depending on the climate. See the map below or call your local building inspector’s office.Trenchers or small excavators/backhoes can be rented cheaply allowing you to do this with little effort, avoiding a $40-60 an hour fee from your local landscaper or septic tank installer.You will be placing PEX pipe and a 12/3 110V wire in a 4-6? PVC pipe. The PVC pipe is placed in the trench, from the furnace to the house. We highly recommend that you use insulated Pex Pipe. This will save you a lot of wood. You can insulate the pipe yourself and run it through PVC pipe and save about 50% over pre-insulated pipe.
  3. Install the heat exchanger in the furnace’s outlet plenum. You can probably find a size to fit your plenum so that little or no metal work is needed. It is usually a slide-in affair with some L-shaped bracing to hold in in place. Just cut a hole the proper width in the side of the plenum (usually 4″), slide in place and reseal.
  4. Hook up the PEX pipe at both ends – the furnace and at the heat exchanger.
  5. Hook up the PEX pipe (a second run and pump is recommended) at the hot water heater. This also supplies water to your outside furnace, to fill it.No side-arm heat exchanger needed since potable hot water is circulated directly between the furnace and hot water heater! (See below) This saves you about $200.
  6. Install a circuit breaker ($8-20) in your breaker box and connect the 110V wire/cable to the breaker and furnace. (You wire up the back of the furnace including the light – which is shipped in the firebox, so it doesn’t get damaged.)
  7. Install a simple thermostat and hook up.
  8. Fill with water. Start a fire!
  9. You are now saving money every day!

Download our COMPLETE INSTALLATION GUIDE (requires Adobe Reader)